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February 16, 2010


The Pinchot Perspective

  • The Pinchot Perspective has been rather consistent for several generations. The rational greatest good for the greatest number in the long run cohabits strangely with a less rational but equally powerful reverence for nature, equality and adventure.

    I long for a resilient, ecologically restorative and more egalitarian civilization. A resilient civilization is one that has great capacity to adapt to shocks, shortages, attacks and subsystem failures.

Gifford Pinchot

  • Sustainable business school founder, entrepreneur, father, author-speaker-consultant on intrapreneuring, sustainable innovation and organizational intelligence. I have founded and sold three businesses, one each in manufacturing, software and consulting.

    My current passions: transforming business practice toward environmental and social responsibility, adaptation to climate change and sharing the Earth’s resources equitably.


Bainbridge Graduate Institute

Innovation & Intrapreneuring

Pinchot & Company

  • I am the founder and CEO of Pinchot & Company, which helps companies to innovate faster and more profitably and to become more sustainable. We do innovation audits, intrapreneurial and ecopreneuring training. We help organizations create profitable solutions to climate change, social justice, resource supply reliability and other sustainability challenges. We help companies develop the organizational intelligence needed to deal effectively with the multidimensional challenges of multiple bottom lines. Pinchot & Company’s client list includes over half of the Fortune 100.